You asked: How do I debug WordPress to white screen?

Why is my WordPress site a white screen?

Usually, an aspect of your site will be broken or incomplete in some way. The most common culprits are plugins and themes, which can contain incorrect code or cause a conflict with some other part of your site. The white screen can also appear due to a lack of memory or issues related to your hosting server.

When you open up a website you developed and its a blank white screen what steps do you take to troubleshoot the problem?

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins in your WordPress dashboard. Begin reactivating your plugins one by one. After you activate each plugin, reload your website in a separate browser window. When your website displays the white screen again, you know that the last plugin you reactivated is causing the issue.

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How do I activate WordPress in recovery mode?

Access your WordPress site files via FTP / SFTP access and look in the wp-content folder. You will see the plugins folder. Re-name the plugins directory to plugins2 or whatever you want. Then re-load WordPress admin login and try to login again.

How do I repair my WordPress site?

Quick Tips to Fix WordPress Errors Today

  1. Install a Cache Plugin. …
  2. Install WordPress Updates Regularly. …
  3. Avoid Editing Your Site in Live Mode. …
  4. Update the Host PHP. …
  5. Take a Backup of Your Site. …
  6. Get a Reliable Web Hosting Provider. …
  7. Clear Your Cache. …
  8. Keep an Eye on Your WordPress Plugins and Themes.

How do I turn on debug mode in WordPress?

Enabling DEBUG mode

  1. Log into your server via SSH or FTP.
  2. Edit the wp-config. php file using SSH or your FTP client.
  3. Near the bottom of the file you’ll see the following: define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); Adjust that line to these three lines: …
  4. When an error is thrown in WordPress, it will write to a file titled debug. log.

How do I fix my white screen?

How do I fix White Screen of Death errors?

  1. Force-restart your system.
  2. Remove any peripherals that are plugged in through an USB connection.
  3. Go into Safe Mode.
  4. Update graphic drivers.
  5. Apply Windows updates.
  6. Remove a buggy Windows update.
  7. Use Windows System Restore Point.
  8. Run some hardware tests.

What is White Screen of Death in WordPress and how will you fix it?

Majority of the time when you see a white screen of death, it means that a script on your website exhausted the memory limit. The unresponsive script either gets killed by your WordPress hosting server, or it simply times out. This is why no actual error message is generated, and you see a plain white screen.

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Why do I get a white screen on some websites?

When a Web page is blank, there are a few likely reasons. The reasons fall into three categories: 1, a server-related problem; 2, a network problem; and 3, a client browser or computer problem.

What does a blank white screen mean?

The White Screen of Death (WSoD) or simply “White Death” refers to an error or issue with an operating system that causes the computer or device to stop working and display only a white screen.

How do I get my WordPress out of recovery mode?

At any time, the user can decide to exit recovery mode, by clicking a button that permanently appears in the admin bar while in recovery mode. Exiting recovery mode will wipe the cookie from the client and thus cause all extensions to run as usual again.

What is WordPress recovery mode?

WordPress recovery mode is a core feature that was launched as part of WordPress 5.2, which was released in May 2019. In a nutshell, it aims to make it easier for you to fix fatal errors on your site that would otherwise cause issues such as the WordPress white screen of death or the Parse/Syntax error.

How do I recover my WordPress blog?

Lost Your WordPress Login? Here Are Four Ways to Recover It

  1. Login link email. One way to log in without your credentials on hand is by having a login link emailed to you directly. …
  2. Lost password option. …
  3. Reset your password via SMS. …
  4. Assisted account recovery.

How do I fix WordPress bugs?

Here are some thing you can do to solve it:

  1. The most likely issue is a corrupted . …
  2. Try deactivating all of your Plugins to see if it is a Plugin issue. …
  3. Switch the Theme to the WordPress default Theme (e.g. Twenty Seventeen) to eliminate any Theme-related problems.
  4. Increase the PHP Memory limit.
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How do I fix my dashboard on WordPress?

Clear cookies and cache to rule out the possibility of cookies and cache causing this problem. Update your web browser to the latest update or alternatively try loading the site in a different web browser or incognito mode. Upgrade plugins and themes on your site. Remove or delete recently added WordPress plugins.

How do I fix my WordPress database?

WordPress has a built-in tool to repair your database. When you visit the link, you can choose to click the Repair Database button or you can optimize your database whilst you repair it by clicking the Repair and Optimize Database button. Once the process is complete, your site should be all fixed up and ready to go.