Which is the highest privilege level in WordPress Mcq?

What are WordPress hooks Mcq?

What are Hooks in WordPress? Hooks are functions that can be applied to a Filter or an Action in WP and they allow you to, with modifying areas in a theme or plugin without modifying the original file.

How many types of post formats are available in WordPress Mcq?

Explanation: Dashboard is the name of the first page you encounter after logging into your web page. 7. How many types of post format available in wordpress? Explanation: 11 types of post format available in wordpress.

Which is the highest privilege level in WordPress?

The WordPress User Levels range from 0 to 10. A User Level 0 (zero) is the lowest possible Level and User Level 10 is the highest Level–meaning User Level 10 has absolute authority (highest permission level).

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Which one of the following is NOT a WordPress role?

Which one of the following is not a WordPress role? System is not a WordPress role.

How many types of plans are available in WordPress?

We currently offer four plans: Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce; each is tailored to your needs. A plan applies to one site only. On this page, we highlight the most important features you’ll get from each upgraded plan.

What is Elementor in WordPress?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you create beautiful pages using a visual editor. It’s designed for you to build dynamic websites quickly. This WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution — letting you control every part of your website design in a single platform.

What is the maximum number of blogs that can be created in a WordPress network?

This is a wpmu plugin which allows site administrator to restrict the number of blogs created per user. So, A site Admin can limit the number to 2, and Then the maximum number of blog, a user can create will be 2.

What is the dissimilarity in WordPress post and pages Mcq?

16) What is the dissimilarity in WordPress Posts and Pages? A. There is no difference between Posts and Pages.

What is the latest version of WordPress?

What is the Latest WordPress Version 2021? Version 5.7. 2 is the latest WordPress release. It was released in May 2021.

Which is lowest privilege level in WordPress?

Every default role in WordPress has one of these levels. The very lowest level is “Subscriber” and that has a level of 0. The very highest level is “Administrator” and that has a level of 10.

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What are the user levels in WordPress?

WordPress has six pre-defined roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. Each role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities.

How many tables are in the WordPress database available?

A standard WordPress database has 11 tables and all the tables were storing a single site’s content.

Which is a best practice for working with WordPress CSS?

Design Best Practices

  • Use tab to indent rather than spaces.
  • Two lines between sections of CSS.
  • Selectors should be listed on their own line, ending in a comma or brace.
  • Name selectors using lowercase words separated by a hyphen.
  • Use hex codes for colors of properties.
  • Properties should be followed by a colon and a space.

Which file is the single most important file in WordPress?

The wp-includes folder

  • The wp-includes folder.
  • The wp-includes folder is the second core WordPress folder. …
  • The wp-includes folder is very big, as it currently contains 22 subfolders and 1180 files in total.
  • The most important file within this folder is the functions.php file, which is considered the main WordPress API.

What are some advantages of using WordPress Mcq?

What are the Advantages of WordPress?

  • Using a CMS like WordPress allows the site admin to edit pages, navigate through the back-end of the website, and upload the new content without any technical knowledge.
  • It has over 45,000 plugins for almost every functionality.