Quick Answer: Does Disney use WordPress?

The popular Walt Disney Company runs its website on WordPress. The site features a large featured image, recent news, and multiple sections including about, careers, philanthropy, etc.

Which companies are using WordPress?

With that said, let’s take a look at the most notable big name brands that are using WordPress.

  1. Sony Music. Sony Music is a global music brand that uses WordPress to power its website. …
  2. Playstation Blog. …
  3. TechCrunch. …
  4. The Next Web. …
  5. Time Magazine. …
  6. CNN Press Room. …
  7. Disney Books. …
  8. The Rolling Stones.

Which famous websites use WordPress?

10 Awesome Websites Made with WordPress

  • Katy Perry.
  • The official Star Wars Blog.
  • TechCrunch.
  • Sony Music.
  • BBC America.
  • MTV News.
  • 10Web.
  • The New York Times.

Does CNN use WordPress?

Though it started off as a blogging software, WordPress today is darn expandable, scalable, secured, and much more than that. Many heavy hitters, such as, eBay, Sony, GM, UPS, Forbes, CNN, Reuters, The NYT, Samsung, IBM and TechCrunch are using WordPress as their blogging or website platform.

Does NASA use WordPress?

NASA uses WordPress for promoting open source technology! National Aeronautic and Space Administration, or shortly NASA – is a leading pioneer in the field of science and technology. Make your WordPress site’s Load Blazing Fast Just by moving to Nestify.

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Is WordPress good for big websites?

WordPress fits high-scale and enterprise-grade projects. Long gone are the days of referring to WordPress as a simple blogging platform; it’s a mature web content management platform, often used as a SaaS or an eCommerce engine.

Does Apple use WordPress?

On Friday, the internet erupted in a small way to learn that Apple had successfully forced WordPress to monetize its free app — forcing it to sell premium plans and custom domain names seemingly just so that Apple could get its traditional 30 percent cut. … We believe the issue with the WordPress app has been resolved.

Does BBC use WordPress?

How does BBC America use WordPress to power your show network? The entire BBCAmerica.com site runs on WordPress. It was a gradual change — we first moved our BBC America’s blog, Anglophenia to WordPress, and then the rest of the BBC America site to a WordPress Multisite install after seeing the success of the blog.

Do banks use WordPress?

It’s not only banks running WordPress. Facebook, SAP, Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept, eBay, McAfee, Sophos, GNOME, Mozilla, MIT, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and NASA are all running WordPress. …

Is WordPress an American company?

Automattic Inc. is an American global distributed company which was founded in August 2005 and is most notable for WordPress.com (a freemium blogging service), as well as its contributions to WordPress (an open source blogging software). The company’s name is a play on founder Matt Mullenweg’s first name.

Does NY Times use WordPress?

The blogs at The Times have always run on WordPress. The redesign, which launched last month, was really a re-platform. For the NYTimes blogs, that meant moving from a WordPress-only service to WordPress as an app inside of the new NYTimes platform.

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Do big brands use WordPress?

Big brands know this, and that’s just one of the reasons why large corporations use WordPress as their content management system. W3 Techs have found that 59% of the world’s top one million most visited websites in the world are using WordPress over other CMS, making it the most popular platform of choice!

Is eBay on WordPress?

Syncing your WordPress site with eBay broadens your audience and gives you a better chance to make a sale. The key is just to find the perfect way to integrate eBay with your e-commerce site, which is something WordPress makes simple thanks to its plugin system.