How do you add bullets in WordPress?

Click on the “Unordered List” button. This button’s icon features three bullet points and is located to the right of the “Strikethrough” button. When you click this button, the text becomes a bulleted list.

Why are bullets not showing in WordPress?

Some default WordPress widgets use unordered lists, that’s why bullet points are disabled for unordered lists within widgets. You can try to enable bullet points for Text and SiteOrigin Editor widgets using the following CSS code. … Also you can add CSS code directly to style. css file of your child theme.

How do you insert a bullet form?


  1. Within your Microsoft document, place your cursor or highlight the text where you wish to insert a bulleted list.
  2. Under the [Home] tab in the “Paragraph” section, click the [Bullets] drop-down menu.
  3. Choose a bullet style or select “Bullets and Numbering” to create a customized bullet style.

How do I add a list in WordPress?

To add a list, click on the Add Block button and select the List block. Alternatively, you can use the slash command /list to select the List block. Use the slash command /list to add a list block.

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How do I change bullets in WordPress?

Edit the WordPress style. css file (available via Appearance > Editor > Stylesheet) to change the styling of your list. Common choices include changing line spacing, switching the bullet point, or creating additional space between lists and surrounding paragraphs.

How do you use bullet points?

How to use bullet points

  1. Make sure all items in the list are related to each other.
  2. Use the same font and margin width in each bulleted point.
  3. Keep bullet points short, preferably no more than three lines long.
  4. Begin all items with the same part of speech (active verbs work well) and make sure they are in parallel form.

Which of the following is used to create a new list with bullets?


    stands for unordered list (or bulleted list).

    Which of the following is used to create a new list with bullets in HTML?

      tag creates a bulleted list.

      How do I indent bullets in WordPress?

      You need to add the padding to the ul-tag, not to the p-tag that surrounds it. So,

      • ….. As the p-tag is already indented 30 pixels, you only need to indent the list another 30px to have it indented 60px.

        How do you make bullet points in HTML?

        To create HTML bullet points, type the first part of the start tag at the point in the web page at which to add the unordered list (Exclude the trailing periods at the ends of these sentences.):

          How do I change the color of bullets in WordPress?

          If you’d like to make the character a different color from the text, then just add the color property to the top section to change the text color, or add the color property to the bottom section to change the bullet point color.

          How do I add a numbered list in WordPress?

          How to Make a List in WordPress

        1. Place your cursor in the post text area where you wish to begin your list.
        2. Click the Numbered or Ordered List button in the WordPress toolbar.
        3. Start typing your first list item. …
        4. Hit enter button on your keyboard twice or click the List button to discontinue making a list.
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