How do you add a shape to an Elementor?

How do I change the shape of an image in Elementor?

Let’s get started. First off, add an image by dragging the Image widget to the canvas/editor and select an image from your computer. Once the image is added, go to the Style tab to customize it. As mentioned, to get a circle-shaped image, you can set the values of the border radius.

How do I add an image to a section in Elementor?

To add a new image to your layout all you need to do is add a new section and drag the Image to from Elementor’s widget panel to the section. Once you drag-n-drop widget on your layout, you’ll see the Content, Style and Advanced tabs.

How do you add a shape divider in Elementor?

How to Add Shape Dividers

  1. Add a new Section.
  2. Go to Section > Style > Shape Divider.
  3. Choose to display at the Top or Bottom of your section.
  4. Type: Click the dropdown to choose your Shape Divider style.
  5. Color: Pick a color.
  6. Width: Set the width of your Shape Divider.
  7. Height: Set the height of your Shape Divider.
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How do you round the corners of an Elementor?

To do so, drag the Image element from the left panel and drop it to the editor. Choose the image you want to add by clicking the image handler. To set the values of the border radius, switch to the Style tab and seek for the Border Radius option. Increase the values until your image get rounded.

What is image box in Elementor?

The Image Box Widget lets you add an image box that combines an image with a headline and text, which is often used in Features sections, as an alternative to using the Icon Box widget.

How do you overlay text in Elementor?

Elementor How To Add Text Over Image Easily

  1. Add a new section in the page.
  2. Insert the image to the background of the section.
  3. Drag and drop an image to the Upload Files section.
  4. Adjust the image positioning.
  5. Add a heading in the section.
  6. Write your desired text on the title attribute.
  7. Conclusion.

What is lightbox in Elementor?

The Elementor Lightbox opens images, galleries, carousels, and videos in a 100% mobile responsive lightbox popup window.

How do I make an image round in WordPress?

After uploading image in post editor, check the block settings panel in the right sidebar. Select rounded option under “Styles” section to apply rounded corners for the image. You can also setup rounded as your default style so that WordPress will automatically apply rounded corner to all images you upload.

How do you skew an Elementor?

If you have configured the plugin properly then edit your page with elementor. You will see “master addons template library icon” besides add new section icon. Just click on the Master Addons Template library icon and you will see “Skew Background Template”.

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How do you make a vertical divider in Elementor?

How to Add a Vertical Divider in Elementor

  1. Create a multi-column layout by using sections or the Inner Section Widget.
  2. In the Style Tab > Border of the desired column, select the style from the dropdown.
  3. Unlink the border Width properties and set the left or right width in PX.

How do I make an image clickable in an Elementor?

Link To – Set a link to a custom URL, media file, or no link. Choose “media file” to link directly to the location of the image within your media library. Choose “custom URL” to link to any page on any site. Choose “none” if you don’t want to add a link to the image at all.