How do I use H5P in WordPress?

Does H5P work with WordPress?

An H5P plugin is now available for WordPress. You may follow the development process and contribute at GitHub. To get started using H5P on your WordPress site: Download your desired H5P content type from Examples and downloads on

Is H5P free with WordPress?

To reuse content, you just download the H5P you would like to edit and make your changes – e.g. translate to a new language or adjust it to a new situation. H5P is: Open Source. Free to Use.

How do I use H5P content?

Creating new content

  1. Log in as an administrator or a user that has the permission.
  2. Go to the course you wish to add the H5P content.
  3. Press “Add an activity or resource”
  4. Select “Interactive Content” and click “Add”
  5. Click “Select Content Type” to open the H5P Hub. …
  6. Click “Get” next to the content type you want to add.

How do I add interactive content to WordPress?

5 Killer Ways to Add Interactive Content to Your WordPress Site

  1. Quizzes. Everyone loves taking a good quiz on their favourite website. …
  2. Ratings. …
  3. User Chat Option. …
  4. Post User-Generated Content. …
  5. Booking Calendar.
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How do I download H5P from WordPress?

Download H5P file

h5p file to your local machine with two simple steps: Click “Reuse” button. Click “Download”

What is H5P video?

Using the H5P Interactive Video Tool. The H5P Interactive Video Tool is a HTML5 based interactive video content type where you can enrich videos with explanations, extra pictures, tables and questions. Quiz questions support adaptivity, meaning that you can jump to another part of the video based on the user’s input.

How do I add H5P to WordPress?

Add H5P content to a page or post

  1. Login to your admin interface.
  2. Under Post in the admin menu, press Add new.
  3. Give your post a title.
  4. Press the Add H5P button above the post body text field to add H5P content. …
  5. Select the H5P you want to add to the post from the list that appears.

What is H5P plugin?

H5P, short for Html-5-Package, is a plugin tool that helps produce and run interactive content and interactive video within your LMS, or other kinds of eLearning browser.

How do I add interactive content in Moodle?

Add an Interactive Activity to your Moodle Site

To get started, go to your Moodle site and Turn Editing On. Then, click the Add an Activity or Resource menu in the section of your choice. Select Interactive Content and click add. Select either Interactive Video or Image Hotspots in the Editor box.

How do I create an interactive tutorial?

How To Create Interactive And Immersive Online Training Tutorials

  1. Include Supplemental Links For Self-Guided Exploration. …
  2. Incorporate Social Learning Activities. …
  3. Use Real-World Visuals And Sounds. …
  4. Turn It Into An Online Training Scenario Or Simulation. …
  5. Gamify Your Online Training Tutorial. …
  6. Include A Closed-Ended Question.
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Can we make interactive website using WordPress?

Use the HumCommerce plugin for your WordPress site to gather data and improve conversions. Whether your WordPress website is for kids or adults, adding these interactive elements can make your site irresistible for users and get them to spend more time on your website.

How do I download H5P videos?

Note: Copy/paste feature works only within an H5P site, not between different H5P sites. To reuse content between sites, use download/upload option.

Reuse existing H5P questions

  1. Click “Reuse” button.
  2. Click “Copy” button.
  3. Open the content type where you want to paste a question.
  4. Click “Paste” button.