How do I turn on infinite scroll in WordPress?

How do I enable infinite scrolling in WordPress?

Adding Infinite Scroll With a Plugin

  1. Step 1: Select Your Infinite Scroll Plugin. There are quite a few infinite scroll plugins to choose from. …
  2. Step 2: Install Your Chosen Plugin. Next, you’ll need to navigate to Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard. …
  3. Step 3: Configure the Plugin’s Settings.

How do I turn on endless scrolling?

To enable the infinite scroll:

  1. Access the Post list section in the live customizer > Main Content > Post lists.
  2. Under INFINITE SCROLL check the option Enable infinite scroll :
  3. Save and Publish.

How do you set up infinite scroll?


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Type in the Catch Infinite Scroll in Search Plugins box.
  3. Click Install Now to install the plugin.
  4. After Installation click activate to start using the Catch Infinite Scroll.
  5. Go to Catch Infinite Scroll from Dashboard menu.

How do I change the scrolling on WordPress?

Upon activation, you need to head over to Settings » Custom Color Scrollbar Settings page to configure plugin. From here, you can change the scrollbar color and the scrollbar rail background colors. You can then select the mouse scroll step, which is the scrolling speed of the mouse wheel.

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How do I turn off infinite scrolling in WordPress?

Go to Appearance > Widgets, open one of the Footer Areas, drag any widget(s) to it; if you don’t really want any widgets in your footer, drag a Text widget or an RSS widget without adding anything to it. Then go to Settings > Reading, uncheck the option “Scroll Infinitely”, click Save Changes.

How do I turn off infinite scroll?

Disabling Infinite Scroll

However, you can turn it on or off any time by toggling the “Infinite Scroll” option on My Site → Settings → Writing. Additionally, adding a footer widget will also disable the Infinite Scroll option.

What is Jetpack infinite scroll?

Instead of having to click a link to get to the next set of posts, infinite scrolling pulls the next posts automatically into view when the reader approaches the bottom of the page.

How do I load more WordPress using Ajax?

You can install Ajax Load More like any other plugin. It’s free and available on the plugin repository.

Once you activate the plugin, there are a few steps you’ll need to complete to get up and running.

  1. Customize a Repeater Template. …
  2. Build a Shortcode. …
  3. Add the Shortcode to your Site.

How do I make my WordPress scroll smoother?

To start go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add new. Search for smooth scroll and then install the MouseWheel Smooth Scroll plugin. When the plugin is done installing, activate it. To set up the plugin, you will need to go to Settings > Smooth Scroll.

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How do you scroll on a blog?

Click the “Posts” link on the left of the screen, then click the “Edit” link below the post for which you want to activate the scroll bar.

How do I add scroll animation to WordPress?


  1. Navigate to the plugins menu.
  2. Search for ‘Scroll Triggered Animations’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’ followed by ‘Activate’
  4. You’ll now be able to configure your animations under Settings > Scroll Triggered Animations.

How do I make a horizontal scroll in WordPress?

Click Main Settings Tab, scroll it down and Horizontal Scroll options will appear. Tick “Enable” radio button to see more settings for Horizontal Scroll.