How do I get product information in WooCommerce?

How do I get WooCommerce product details?

Standard Functions for WooCommerce Product Displays

  1. the_title() – Displays the name of the product.
  2. the_excerpt() – Displays a brief description of the product.
  3. the_content() – Displays the full description of the product.
  4. the_permalink() – Displays the URL of the product.
  5. the_ID() – Displays the product’s ID.

How do I get product information from WooCommerce product ID?

“get product details by product id woocommerce” Code Answer’s

  1. $product_id = 1100;
  2. $product = wc_get_product($product_id);
  3. echo $product->get_stock_quantity();

How do you fetch the products of WooCommerce from its table in database?

5 Answers

  1. wp_posts table with post_type like product (or product_variation ),
  2. wp_postmeta table with post_id as relational index (the product ID).
  3. wp_wc_product_meta_lookup table with product_id as relational index (the post ID) | Allow fast queries on specific product data (since WooCommerce 3.7)

How do I get a product SKU in WooCommerce?

When you go to wp-admin→Products→Your Product and edit the product you will see it’s configuration. Once you click on the edit option, you find all the available settings for that individual product. Scroll down and click on the inventory and there will be the option to set a WooCommerce product SKU.

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How do I find my product ID?

To find a product ID: Check the Product ID (GTIN) requirements by category to see if your product has specific ID requirements. Look for ISBNs, UPCs, EANs or JANs above or below the bar code on the packaging (or cover) of your product.

How do I show WooCommerce products on a custom page?

Displaying WooCommerce Product Category

  1. Click on Appearance > Customize.
  2. Then go to WooCommerce > Product Catalog.
  3. Select “Show categories” from Shop Page Display.
  4. Click on Save Changes.

How do I get product image from product ID in WooCommerce?

“get product image woocommerce” Code Answer’s

  1. // Use $post->ID to get from post object.
  2. $id = $loop->post->ID.
  3. $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( $id ), ‘single-post-thumbnail’ );
  4. <img src=”<? php echo $image[0]; ?>” data-id=”<? php echo $id; ?>” />

Where does WooCommerce store product data?

They can be found in the wp_posts table, under the product post type. Once you find the product that you need, you need to take a note of its id and lookup for the remaining information under the wp_postmeta table. There you will be finding all the information regarding pricing, taxes, shipping, sizes and so on.

How do I export a product from WooCommerce?


  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products.
  2. Select Export at the top. The Export Products screen displays.
  3. Select to Export All Columns. …
  4. Select to Export All Products. …
  5. Select to Export All Categories. …
  6. Tick the box to Export Custom Meta, if you need this info. …
  7. Select Generate CSV. …
  8. Exit the exporter.
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How does WooCommerce integrate with database?

Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Database Connection and enable “Direct Connection to the store database” checkbox. “MySQL Host” (i.e. Server Address). Usually it is your website name like “” or “” (do not include http://www. prefix); you may use IP address, as well.

How do I get product variation in WooCommerce?

To get all variations ID of a variable product, we can use the below code snippet. $product = wc_get_product($product_id); $variations = $product->get_available_variations(); $variations_id = wp_list_pluck( $variations, ‘variation_id’ ); The above code will provide visible variation IDs only.