How do I activate OceanWP pro?

Download any of the Ocean Pro Extensions from your Ocean account and install on your website via Plugins > Add New. Upon any of the Ocean Pro Extensions activation, your license will either connect automatically to your account or you will need to manually enter your license.

How do I set up OceanWP?

Sign into the admin area of your WordPress site, and go to Appearance → Themes. Click Add New, and then click Upload Theme. Click Choose File, choose the OceanWP ZIP folder you downloaded, and click Install Now. Click Activate once the theme installs successfully.

How do I install OceanWP pro?

Install the sample data manually

  1. Step 1: Download Ocean Pro Demos. Go to your account and download this plugin.
  2. Step 2: Locate the Sample Data. …
  3. Step 3: Install the Required Plugins. …
  4. Step 4: Import Sample Data. …
  5. Step 5: Import Settings. …
  6. Step 6: Import Widgets. …
  7. Step 7: Post-Import Steps.

Is OceanWP a free theme?

The OceanWP theme is free. It also has many free extensions (eight) and demos (13 free demos) which you can install if you want to add more features to your site. But it also offers several paid extensions (13 premium extensions) which you can purchase separately or all of them in Core Extension Bundle.

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How do I use OceanWP demos?

First, make sure that all the plugins in the demo you want to import are activated. Go to Theme Panel > Install Demos tab. Click on the demo you want import, a popup will appear. In step 1, install the required plugin for the demo, in step 2, check what you want to import and import the demo.

How do I update OceanWP?

Yes you can upgrade your licenses. To upgrade a license, log into your account page on, locate the purchase record for the extension you wish to upgrade and click on View Licenses. If your license key has upgrades available for it, a View Upgrades link will be displayed on the right side.

How do I add Google Analytics to OceanWP?

How to Add Google Analytics to your OceanWP WordPress Website

  1. Install Google Analytics via functions. php. …
  2. Add Google Analytics to OceanWP with the Header and Footer Plugin. …
  3. Use a Google Analytics plugin. …
  4. The best way to install Google Analytics on WordPress.

Is OceanWP Pro worth?

Yes, OceanWP is good for WooCommerce. It includes many of functions to ensure that all WooCommerce functions are fully functional and work-well, so there is full integration between these two products. There are also plenty of WooCommerce-specific settings to ensure that your e-commerce setup is optimal.

Which is better Astra or OceanWP?

Astra is the winner here in terms of the number of available starter sites, however, do keep in mind that most of them are locked behind a higher plan. OceanWP has fewer starter sites, but it doesn’t lock any of them to a particular plan.

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Does OceanWP support WooCommerce?

Better still, since OceanWP offers full integration with the WooCommerce plugin, you can configure, manage, and promote your e-commerce site with ease.