Best answer: How do I hide fields in Wpforms?

Go to Settings » Notifications. From there, select the message body on the right side preview panel. Next, click on Show Smart Tags in the top right of the message box. Scroll to the Hidden Field choice and select it.

How do I delete a field in WPForms?

To get started, you’ll need to go to WPForms » All Forms in the WordPress admin menu. From there, you can hover over a form title and click Entries. This will take you to the Entries page for that specific form. Within the Entries page, you can easily delete all entries at once by clicking on the Delete All link.

How do you use smart tags in WPForms?

To access the notifications settings for your form, open the form builder and go to Settings » Notifications. In the top right corner of each field, you can click on Show Smart Tags to see a list of the Smart Tags that are applicable for a particular field. To add a Smart Tag to the field, click on it in the list.

What are smart tags WordPress?

A Smart Tag is a bit of code that you can use to insert relevant information to your form notification settings or as field default values. In this tutorial, we’re going to create two new Smart Tags to be used by pulling information from the WordPress user profile for their Nickname and Username.

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How do you delete a form field?

Delete a form field

  1. If you are not in the form editing mode, choose Tools > Prepare Form.
  2. In the right hand pane under Fields or the page view, select the form fields that you want to delete.
  3. Right-click and choose Delete, or choose Edit > Delete.

What is WPForms WordPress?

WPForms is an easy-to-use online form builder for WordPress websites. It’s known as being the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin available because you can create smart forms in minutes without writing any code or hiring a developer.

How add HTML to WPForms?

The HTML field in WPForms allows you to add standalone text or HTML code to your form. To add this field to your form, look under Fancy Fields and click on HTML or drag and drop it into the preview area. Then, simply add the text you’d like to include in the Code field in the Field Options panel.

How do I add a smart tag?

Set up your SmartTag or SmartTag+

  1. Open the SmartThings app, and then press the button on the SmartTag.
  2. A popup will appear once the SmartTag is detected; select Add now. …
  3. Select the circle, and then tap Agree.
  4. Tap Start. …
  5. Press the button in the center of the SmartTag.

How do I display WPForms entries?

Views for WPForms lets you display WPForms Entries in your site frontend using drag & drop View builder. You can create a table view, list view or datatable (Pro feature). It allows you add content before & after the View. You can set number of Entries to display on page.

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What is conditional logic WordPress?

With conditional logic, your WordPress forms will dynamically change based on the selections the user makes while filling out your WPForms. You can choose to show or hide fields based on a selected item. You can also choose to display custom text or set custom field values based upon what the user selected.

How do I change my WPForms admin email?

To change the WordPress website email address, go to Settings » General and change the ‘Email Address’ option. Don’t forget to save your changes. WordPress will now save your new admin email address.

How do I use Optinmonster Smart Tags?

In the text edit toolbar, select the { } curly braces button to choose a predefined Smart Tag. Select the Smart Tag you want and it will be automatically added to the text field editor.